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International Cuisine

International cuisine can be defined as a nation’s food out of one’s country. It can be substitute into Europe, Middle East, Africa, America and Asia. The location itself has their own influence by the culture, religions, traditions and climate. The religions are the most important throughout the world because it affects the type of ingredients that they are going to use. For instance, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and consume alcohol, whereas Hindus are unable to consume beef. Then the climate will slightly changes the taste, like the countries that are closer to the equator will have more dishes with stronger flavour and more hot spices. However, colder countries will have more fat consuming food, such as more cheeses and butter. The culture and traditions also makes one food to be different. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore have more than one ethnic will combine their tradition into another race’s food. An example of the food is “Sweet and Sour Fish”. This dish is typically from China but the flavour has slightly changed in Malaysia to fit to the people, also due to the weather that also affect the spice to be more spicy.