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Is good location needed for dining?

Humans have 5 sensory organs and all of them are equally important. I believe none of them should be left apart however there are certain cases that are not necessarily needed such as handicap, listening to music, reading books, etc. But, it could not apply to dining. Scientists found that humans actually eat with more than 5 senses. It is actually 6, which called Umami and Kokumi.

What is Umami?

(The Vegan Street Meme 2014)

It is a flavour enhancer that usually found in fermented product. The word Umami means ‘full’ taste which was taken from the Japanese as the creator, Professor Kikunae Ikeda, a Japanese Chemist as well as the co-founder of Ajinamoto. The begin of the Umami derived from Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a product that adding flavour to the food. And how do we know if Umami tends to appear? Usually products contains Inosinate bring out this flavour and carries the function to enhance the food and allows it to smell better.

What is Kokumi?

(YOUSSEF 2014)

It was translated from Japanese words, which means rich (koku) flavour (mi). It actually signify the flavour of its own and the characteristic of the food itself.

What is the difference?

Umami presents the flavour combined from different products and create a good flavour, which makes the dish tasty. However, Kokumi is about the flavour itself and it has its characteristic such as crunchiness, the smell of the product, etc.


Therefore, is it necessary to have a good view while dining? The answer is yes as we are using all of our sensory organs to stimulate a good dining experience. Other than a good view while consuming food, choosing a right beverage is important for the meal too. For instance, drinking a coke while having a dessert may result the dessert to be too sweet vice versa if a person is drinking tea while consuming sweet food, it might help to balance the sweetness and reduces cholesterol. Researchers prove that green tea that contains Catechins, which is in a polyphenol group of green tea and also antioxidant in black tea could help in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. Overall shows that 5 sensory organs did functions together while humans are eating, which can result different tastes in different locations.

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